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WW-15079WT without louvers with card type remote

WW-15079WT without louvers with card type remote

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Description / Specs


*Heaters have a full function electronic thermostat

*The patented quartz infrared heating element never gets to a

temperature to ignite anything.

*The exterior of heaters only gets warm to touch so that it will not burn

children or pets.

(1)Heaters will not reduce humidity or oxygen

(2)Heats up to 800~1000 Square Feet

(3)Uses 1.26 kilowatts/hour when it's running full time

(4)Washable pre-filter

(5)BTU: 5600

(6)Use Accurate Digital Thermostatic Controls Display

(7)Temperature setting (Thermostat range 37-86F)

(8)Quartz Infrared Emitters /Stainless deflection coils

(9)Safety cutoff, Simple operation

(10)Pre-setting on/off

(11)Efficient heating

(12)Energy saving function

(13)Fan Noise Level: 42 dB - much quieter and softer

(14)Full function remote control with delay start feature

(15)Weight approximate 29.5lbs

(16)Wood Walnut case with Caster Wheels